Caring for Christmas Trees!

Christmas Tree Care Instructions

NINE easy steps to care for your natural tree will ensure its freshness

  1. FRESH CUT To guarantee your tree drinks, make a fresh 1/2 inch (1 cm) cut on the tree stump before placing in water. The cut is made to allow a fresh exposure of the cambium layer (green film under the bark) responsible for water up-take and ultimately re-hydration.
  2. STAND WITH ADEQUATE WATER CAPACITY Keep the tree watered! Place tree in a stand capable of holding at least one day's worth of water, two days is better (1-6 quarts or litres). A premium 6-8 ft/2m tree can draw up to 4 quarts/4 litres of water per day for the first 10 days until it begins to taper off.
  3. HOT TOP WATER After the tree is thawed, fill your stand with hot tap water the first time enabling the sap to re-hydrate and flow readily. This water will be drawn upwards replenishing the moisture to the extremities. If your tree ever runs out of water during the display season, suction ceases and the tree loses its ability to resume water uptake (similar to siphoning water out of an aquarium, if the line ever sees air, water uptake stops) and the tree begins to dry out prematurely. Using additives is unnecessary!!!
  4. REMOVAL OF WRAPPING To prevent breakage of fine branches and needles, allow tree to thaw for up to five hours prior to removal of wrapping. Enjoy its natural beauty and then decorate to your hearts content.
  5. LIGHTS & HEAT SOURCES Prevent all heat sources from blowing on your tree. Use deflectors when appropriate. Do not overload your tree with high wattage lights and turn these off while away from your home or when retiring for the night.
  6. TRANSPORTING Move your tree in/out of your home/vehicle with minimal needle drop by placing a moving bag of old sheet over the tree (and stand). Dispose of the used tree bag separately.
  7. CLEANING Clean tree sap from hands and tree stand with a citrus based hand cleaner such as "Fast Orange" and "GOJO" or ammonia.
  8. RECYCLE Contact your local Parks & Recreation department to discover where your tree may be chipped for reuse as mulch for new and old tree installations, walkways, and flower beds or simply as compost to be utilized as future soil.
  9. ENDEARING MEMORIES -- KEEP THE TREE TAG As you decorate your tree with decorations and ornaments from our parents and kids alike, enjoy this reflection on days gone by. More fun is on the way by having a contest! Mark the year on the back of the tree tag and document how much water your tree drinks when re-filling your stand. Turn this into a family challenge to discover who is closest come Christmas and again on New Year's day. Store this memorable keepsake with your decorations when dismantling the tree :)



On behalf of the Gaudets and our dedicated Staff, we wish you a safe and Merry Christmas!! 


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