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White Pine

White Pines Christmas trees are a long-time standard. This tree is very light with flexible branches and soft needles you can literally tickle someone with! These branches are soft, slim and flexible with bluish-green to silver-green foliage that is regularly arranged in bundles of five needles. The needles are 2-1/2 - 5 inches long and are usually shed at the end of the second growing season. White pines have good needle retention.

White Pine Christmas trees have little aroma. This lack results in less allergic reactions for people with elevated sensitivities.

This species is typically found on retail lots in percentages similar to Scots Pine. This tree has a proven and desirable place on each retail lot.

White Pines drove the Ontario and Canadian economy for 100 years throughout the 1800s. On the former-Canadian Dollar Bill, the reverse side has a scene with the federal parliament buildings in Ottawa featured in the background, seen from across the river in Hull. The Ottawa river has logs fleeing down the river and one can bet that a significant number of those logs were White Pine. Many of the finest specimens of White Pine, which can reach more than 80 feet in height, were sent to Europe to be used as masts on sailing ships. Makes one think what we'll be doing in 100 years into the future.


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